Winner of St. Berchman’s Award for the Best College Teacher in Kerala, 2010


 There is a Universal Rhythm that regulates, controls and promotes evolution, growth, development, emulation and extinction of everything in this world. Observing, harmonising and realising this Cosmic Order for the progress of humanity is my Vision.

Being a part and parcel of this universe and as an individual, capable of attaining wisdom through information and knowledge, my mission is to realise the above vision in life, through Eternal Universal Values like Truth, Dharma, Love, Compassion, Cooperation and Harmony.

It is the state of mind that determines the state of society and state of environment. Hence, nurturing noble thoughts with eternal values that promote sacred words and divine actions are very crucial at this critical juncture, when society and environment are confronting multidimensional crises. Individuals, institutions and society can attain progress at the interface of thoughts, words and actions of wisdom. Life is the text of wisdom and the world is the context of its application.



 Educational Qualifications:

  • MA(Economics), 1980
  • MA (Pol. Science),1981
  • Ph D (Topic: ‘Green Policies and Sustainable Development in Kerala’, 1997)


Winner of Speaker’s Special award (2015), Brilliant Achiever Award (2014), Distinguished Achiever Award (2013) from Zoroastrian College, Mumbai.
Winner of St. Berchman’s Award for the Best College Teacher in Kerala (2010)


      Successful Responsibilities Accomplished

  • Independent Director (DIN:0007964320), Public Sector Enterprises, Government of India (MSTC Ltd, Kolkata), 2017 -2020
  • Principal, Labour India College, Marangattupilly (2016)
  • Principal, SVR NSS College, Vazhoor, Kottayam (2013 -2014)
  • Academic Coordinator, Sri Ramakrishna Sanskrit college, Pala (2009-15)
  • Deputy Director, Distance Education, MG University, Kottayam (2001- 2003)


Present Academic Responsibilities

  • Director, Marian Institute of Management, Kuttikkanam. (2021 – )
  • Director of Economics Programme, Marian College Kuttikkanam (Autonomous), Kerala. (From 2016 onwards)
  • Director, Centre for Sustainable & Inclusive Development, Marian College Kuttikkanam (Autonomous), Kerala. (From 2016 onwards)
  • Director, Course on Community Leadership Training Programme (CLTP), Amrita University, Kollam, Kerala (2015-).
  • Advisor, Conscious Ventures (An International NGO for Responsible Business), Dehradun, India. (From 2020 onwards)



Presented about 250 papers in various International / National/Regional seminars/conferences on various aspects of Sustainable development, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Eco- spirituality, Environmental Education and Indian culture. The following are some of the papers:

  1. Paper on “Corporate Responsibility, Social Sustainability and Global Spirituality: The Path of Progress towards Harmony and Peace for the Next generation”, presented in the World Parliament of Religions (2018) in Toronto, Canada.
  2. Paper on “Peace and Harmony through Environment and Development: The Hindu Wisdom of Sustainability” in the World Parliament of Religions2015, in Salt Lake City, USA.
  3. Paper on “A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Development: The Role of Physical, Social and Spiritual Sciences in The Monash University Seminar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2010)
  4. Paper presented on “Green Policies for Grey Minds: The Hindu Experiments and Experiences in Sustainable Development” in the International Conference on Environmental Education, organized by CEE in Ahmedabad (with the support of UNESCO, UNEP and UNDP), India, during Nov. 1-3, 2010.
  5. Paper on “Religious Diversity and Spiritual Unity for Sustainable Development in the World Parliament of Religions in Melbourne, Australia (2009).
  6. Paper on “Scientific spirit and Spiritual Science in Environmental Education: A Universal Model for Sustainable Development at the University Level” in the World Environmental Education Congress in Montreal, Canada (2009).
  7. Participated in The Moral Economy Project in Montreal, Canada (2009).
  8. Paper on “Spirituality and Sustainable Development” at Mc Gill University, Montreal, Canada(2009)
  9. Presented a paper on “Environmental Education for Evergreen Future” in the International Conference on ‘Environmental Education’ from 26th to 28th 2007, organized by CEE, Ahmadabad, with the support of UNESCO and UNEP.
  10. Presented paper in the World Conference of Religions, Kochi, on “Interfaith Harmony: Next Millennium” during 10th to 14th 1996.


  • One month Orientation Course from Pondicherry Central University, from 05/06/1991 to 02/07/1991.
  • UGC sponsored Refresher course in Economics conducted by Mahatma Gandhi University from 06/07/1992 to 31/07/1992.
  • UGC sponsored Refresher course in Economics conducted by Mahatma Gandhi University from 04/03/1996 to 29/03/1996.
  • Basic Course in Transactional Analysis from Nov. 30th to Dec. 1st 1996, conducted by ICTA Cochin, affiliated to International Transactional Analysis Association, San Francisco, USA.
  • Faculty Upgradation Programme in Environmental Economics from 3 to 28, 2003, at Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai.
  • Training in ‘Governance of CSR Initiatives’ organised by Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi, Government of India on 8&9, Oct. 2018.
  • Orientation Programme for Capacity Building of Independent Directors organised by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, DPSEs on 18&19 Feb.2019, in Guwahati, Assam.


  1. ‘India and Canada: Past, Present and Future’ (2003) edited by AD Mishra and Govind Prasad. Contributed article on “Environment and Development: Recent Trends and Future directions” (P-195 207), Mittal Publications, New Delhi.
  2. Globalisation: Myth and Reality’ (2004), Edited by AD Mishra and Govind Prasad. Contributed article on ‘Economic Prospects and Environmental Problems of Globalisation’, Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi.
  3. Book on ‘Dimensions of Sustainable Economic Development’ (2005), T V Muralivallabhan, Unma Publications, Nooranad, Kollam, Kerala.
  4. Development Management: A Holistic Concept’ (2005), Edited by Dr. Mahajan P Mani. Contributed article on “The Emerging Paradigm on Environment and Development”, Published by Marian College, Kuttikkanam.
  5. Text Book on Environmental Economics (2012), Muralivallabhan, Sheeba V T and Thomson K Alex, Prathibha Publications, changanacherry.
  6. ‘Vikasanachinthayilenoothanapravanathakal’ (2011) (Malayalam), article on “Manasthithi, vyavasthithi, Paristhithi” Kesari Publications, Kozhikode.
  7. Article on ‘Corporate Responsibility, Social Sustainability and Global Spirituality’ in India CSR Network, (29/11/2018).
  8. Article on ‘A sustainability Model for CSR in India’, CSR Network, (21/03/2019).
  9. Article on ‘Liquidity Preference in Business Responsibility in India’ in India CSR Network, (21/07/2019).

A number of articles in English and Malayalam have been published on topics of Sustainable development, Religious Harmony, Eco Spirituality etc. in many English and Malayalam periodicals, Newspapers.


  • Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam
  • Zoroastrian College, Mumbai.
  • Lincoln University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Supervised and produced 8 Ph.Ds.’ from the above Research Departments.


  • UGC Minor project on ‘Economic and Environmental Impact of Plastic Use in Rubber Plantations: A case study of Kottayam District’ (03/10/2007)
  • Completed a Project work on ‘Scientific and Spiritual Dimensions of Modern Development’ (Dec. 2009) under the Major Research Fellowship Programme of the Indian Institute of Science and Religion, Pune.
  • Minor Project on ‘A Study on Environmental Awareness for Sustainable Development in Idukki District’, completed in February 2021, on behalf of the Department of Economics, Marian College Kuttikkanam (Autonomous).


  • International Resource Person in the area of Sustainable development, Environmental Education, Indian Culture, Eco spirituality and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • National Resource Person for UGC Refresher and Orientation courses for the university and college teachers under various Indian universities
  • Ramakrishna Math and Mission centres in India and Human Resource Department of Nair Service society, Kerala.


  • Invited Speaker in the National Human Rights Annual Conference from 30th June 2022 to 1st July 2022 at New Delhi.
  • Resource Person in the Refresher Course on Constitution, Law and Spirituality (IDC) conducted by the Center for Professional Higher Education, UGC –HRD, University of Delhi on 24th August 2022.
  • Delivered many lectures on Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection, Environmental education, Eco – Spirituality and Religious Harmony in various educational, socio-cultural and spiritual organisations in and outside Kerala.
  • Symbiosis International University, Pune,
  • Invited Speaker in the National Youth Convention held in connection with the 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Swami Vivekananda– Concluding Ceremony- Belur Math, Kolkata, (2013).
  • Invited Speaker in the National Seminar organized by The Asiatic Society, Kolkata, in the 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Swami Vivekananda, (2013).
  • Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), Kolkata (2018


  • Chairman, Board of Studies in Economics, Marian College Kuttikanam (Autonomous). (2017onwards)
  • Former Subject expert in Economics, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala. (2010 -2013)
  • Former Member, PG Board of Studies, MG University, Kottayam, Kerala. (2012)
  • Former Member, UG and PG Syllabus Restructuring Committee in Economics, M G University, Member, Core committee for restructuring the PG syllabus of Environmental Economics, MG University (2012 -13)
  • Former member in the Academic Council of Bharateeya VicharaKendram Research Centre (2010 – 13), approved by MDS University, Rajasthan.
  • External Expert in the faculty selection Committee of Amrita vishwa Vidya Peetham(2010).
  • Member, Curriculum Committee, State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) (1998 to 2000)


  • In Amritha Viswavidya Peetham, Kollam, from 2010.
  • Department of Futures Studies, Kerala University, from 1990 to 2010.
  • School of Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University from 1995 onwards.
  • Manorama School of Communications, Kottayam, from 2005 to 2015.
  • Civil Services Training Institute, Pala and Thiruvananthapuram.


 Successfully undertaken and completed various university examination duties like                 Ph.D. thesis valuation, M Phil dissertation valuation, Chief examiner and Chief Superintendent, External Examiner and Assistant examiner in various university examinations.

Total Teaching Experience: 40 years(UG/PG and M Phil level)

Total Research Experience: 25 years


  • Patron, “Samanwaya’ Residents’ Association
  • Member, ‘Saphalam 55’ Pala.
  • Advisor, ‘VicharaKendram’, Pala.
  • Life Member, Sri Ramakrishna Math and Mission, Thrissur
  • Executive Member, Alumni Association, St. Thomas,College, Pala.
  • Patron, Pala Management Association


  • NCC Officer

Served as Senior Under Officer in NCC during study period and as Company Commander(Officer) of No.1 Company NCC Army Wing Unit of NSS Hindu College, Changanacherry.

  • Kailash-Manasarovar Trekking

Successfully completed the Kailash-ManasasrovarParikraman in 2005, organised by the Government of India.

  • Best Debater and Speaker

Winner of many gold medals and trophies for elocution and debating competitions at all Kerala level during the study period in St. Thomas College, Pala.