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Forums that drive the creative “little masters” out and the ravishing cultural nights are all part of these memories. MIM promotes a value-based learning culture. While preparing the professionals here for corporate life, MIM drives into them the basic values which makes them different and better.

The vibrant marketing forum of MIM provides the students ample opportunities in identifying various needs and requirements of the campus and respond with relevant goods and services creatively. The club also organizes interactions with working professionals at various levels from different sectors.


  • To generate interest towards the stream of marketing.
  • To apply the marketing concepts learned in the class with real-life situations.
  • To enhance the marketing skill of the students.


  • Designing & marketing various  Competitions
  • Marketing different Goods and services
  • Interaction with the Marketing Managers from various sectors
  • Managing the Retail store on the campus
  • National Seminar
  • Marketing Plan contest
  • Partnering with an SME as a marketing consultant
  • Assist the MDPs of the Marketing Department


On 17th October, 2022 ‘MERCADO’ the marketing club of Marian Institute of Management was inaugurated. The chief guest of the function was Mrs. Krishnapriya Vipin, Manager pre-sales at Byju’s. As planned earlier the major activity of the 2022-23 marketing club was ‘Hunger Games’. It’s a mentor group wise marketing challenge to sharpen the marketing skills. The event consisted of three rounds. The prize money for the whole competition was Rs. 6000. Following the inauguration of the marketing club a new start-up was also inaugurated on the same day at MIM campus, ‘Honesty Shop’. Three members from the marketing club and 6 students from 1st year was selected as the coordinators of the shop. The profit from the shop is to be used for charity.

1st round – Esprit De Corps

Branding the group was the task for 1st round. Each group had to make a video of maximum 3 minutes branding their team. The 1st round was conducted on the same day of the inauguration of the club. A total of 12 groups participated in the competition. Among them the best 7 were selected for the 2nd round.

2nd round – Melhor Mercador

A B2C sale was the task for 2nd round. It was conducted on 16th November, 2022. Each team had to put up a stall within the campus premise. The teams had to sell their products to the students and generate profit. The judgement for the 2nd round was based on the profit generated. A maximum of Rs. 3000 was to be invested by the teams for this round. Out of the profit generated, 25% had to be contributed to the club and the remaining 75% was for the teams itself.

3rd round – Tele-Brand Show

This was the final round of Hunger Games. The final round was conducted on 25th November,2022. Four teams were qualified to the finals. Each team had to perform a tele brand show for a new product. The teams had to introduce a new product and select a theme themselves. The judging panel included Dr. Joshy John, HOD BBA and Dr. K V Thomas, HOD M.Com. 

A total amount of Rs.11500 was spend for the whole activities. It includes the prize money for the competition and the expense for the guest and the initial investment for honesty shop. 



The Finance Forum at Marian Institute of Management Marian College Kuttikkanam Autonomous is a student-led organization dedicated to fostering and nurturing interests in finance within the institute. Led by a team of eight members, we strive to introduce students to various aspects of finance and offer opportunities for exploration through sessions, competitions, projects, and other avenues. Our goal is to ignite a passion for finance and empower students to delve into different finance-related fields.

Finex is the  Finance  Forum of MIM and a platform for acquiring financial knowledge, a place for interactive learning and an ideal club to facilitate career development for finance students.  It is a forum that connects students of MBA, alumni, industry experts and academicians. The finance forum also conducts debates and discussions, handles fund management and trading games which help them to learn more about the stock market, portfolio management and financial analysis. It provides a forum for financial research and analysis, and publish their research findings.

Investment Workshops:

Investment workshops cover topics such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, valuation techniques, and investment strategies. Members learn how to analyze financial statements, assess the intrinsic value of stocks, and make informed investment decisions.

Guest Speaker Events:

Finance clubs invite professionals from the finance industry, including portfolio managers, financial analysts, investment bankers, and financial advisors, to share their insights and expertise with members. These guest speaker events provide valuable networking opportunities and expose members to real-world perspectives on finance.

Financial Modeling Competitions:

Competitions focused on financial modeling challenge members to create detailed financial models to analyze and forecast the performance of companies, projects, or investment opportunities. These competitions test members’ analytical skills, Excel proficiency, and ability to communicate their findings effectively.

Stock Pitch Competitions:

In stock pitch competitions, members present investment ideas to a panel of judges, advocating for the purchase or sale of specific stocks based on their analysis of the company’s fundamentals, industry trends, and market conditions. These competitions sharpen members’ presentation skills and ability to articulate investment theses.

Case Study Competitions:

Case study competitions involve analyzing real-life business cases or financial scenarios and presenting recommendations or solutions to judges. These competitions require members to apply their knowledge of finance concepts and problem-solving skills to address complex financial challenges.

Finance Industry Tours:

Finance clubs organize visits to financial institutions such as investment banks, asset management firms, or stock exchanges, giving members the opportunity to learn about different career paths in finance and observe firsthand how these organizations operate.

Financial Literacy Initiatives:

Finance clubs often engage in initiatives aimed at promoting financial literacy and education in their communities. This may include organizing workshops or seminars on personal finance topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management, as well as providing resources and support to underserved populations.

Networking Events:

Networking events such as career fairs, alumni mixers, and industry panels allow members to connect with professionals in the finance industry, explore internship and job opportunities, and build relationships that can facilitate career advancement.

Community Service Projects:

 Finance clubs undertake community service projects related to finance, such as volunteering for tax preparation assistance programs, offering financial counseling services to low-income individuals, or participating in initiatives to promote financial inclusion and empowerment.

Money Master: Empowering Excellence in Finance”

At the Finance Club we pride ourselves on being the Money Master, recognized as the best finance team. With our passion for finance and dedication to excellence, we strive to empower individuals to master the art of managing money effectively. Join us as we embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of financial success and pave the way for a brighter financial future.

Vox Populi  is dedicated  to fostering the team quotient of students with a thrust on life skill development. Forum activities are designed with an objective of enhancing the managerial acumen of students through programmes like HBR (Harvard Business Review) Discussion Forum and SAGA – An intercollegiate workshop series. HR Club is committed  to   inculcating value orientation in students through social sensitization programmes like  visits to Orphanages.  HR Forum members were instrumental for the success of National Conference on “Equipping a Competent Workforce – A Catalyst for India’s Growth.”

Thanal – The Nature Club of MIM focuses on taking  pleasure from the fortune of  biodiversity, taking a stroll in the breathtaking landscape and being a part of conserving nature in its purity. Rains, flowing streams, waterfalls, cloud-embraced hills, beautiful lush greenery, widespread tea plantations, butterflies, birds and some wild and domestic animals of the hills await us for learning.

The need for a team of young minds – both first and second years- to work for nature conservation always shimmered in and around the campus. Inspired and aspired by the changes seen from people organizing their own communities worldwide, to combat flora and fauna, a desire to save the deteriorating Earth emanated among the students.


  • To help students gain knowledge about the environment
  • To motivate the students to improve their own campus environment
  • To enable them to solve local environmental problems
  • To involve nearby school children in enhancing and preserving nature through Club activities.


  • Workshops on nature-related topics
  • Nature camps and Awareness programmes in the forest
  • Trekking
  • Awareness programmes for MIM students as well as nearby schools and college students on the need for plastic-free campus need for planting more trees etc.
Collage Making based on the theme “Global Boiling”
Under the guidance of Dr. Soney John and Mr. Alex Johnson, the Nature Club organized a collage making activity for all first-year MBA students on January 30, 2024. The program aimed to raise awareness about environmental issues, particularly focusing on the theme of “Global Boiling.”
The activity spanned over 2 hours, during which students actively participated in creating collages. The competition was organized based on mentor groups, with each group tasked with preparing a collage within the allocated time. Criteria for evaluation included creativity, presentation, and the ability to answer questions related to the theme.
After the initial hour of collage preparation, 13 teams presented their creations, out of which 5 teams were shortlisted for the final round. In the second round, the shortlisted teams presented their collages in front of the audience and a panel of judges.
Finally, the judges deliberated and decided the winning team based on the overall quality of the collage and the presentation. The winning team was awarded certificates and cash prizes as recognition for their efforts in creating an impactful collage that effectively conveyed the message of environmental conservation amidst the challenges of global warming.
Nature Club Program – Nature Park Cleaning at Marian Institute
Led by the Nature Club faculty coordinator, Dr. Soney John, a nature park cleaning initiative was conducted at Marian Institute of Management Studies on January 23, 2024. Approximately 20 to 25 students actively participated in clearing plastic bottles as part of the institute’s sustainability mission. Dr. Bose George, the Dean of Student Affairs, also played a pivotal role by assisting students during the cleaning drive.
The initiative aimed not only to maintain the cleanliness of the nature park but also to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation among the student community. By actively engaging in such initiatives, the institute reinforces its commitment to promoting sustainable practices and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment among its students.

The students are encouraged to participate actively in the various events of the college – be it Academics or Non- Academics.  MIM creates not managers, but true leaders. The students take active participation in the academic activities here, which include case discussions, presentations and group work. This is an avenue for them to evolve as leaders and sharpen their team skills, which makes them better managers. Besides, they learn the much required “Multi-Tasking” skills by working on multiple assignments at a time. In the process, they create out of themselves daring leaders and entrepreneurs. Life here is not just learning. It is more than that. Adding feathers of memories to life here, there are various activities that enhance the learning experience. Entertainment club arranges different activities in the campus to entertain the students every year.

Outbound Training Programme

Fresher’s Day

In the vibrant tapestry of our MBA college community, there exists a time-honored tradition that marks the beginning of a new chapter – Freshers’ Day. As we open our doors to a new wave of aspiring leaders, innovators, and changemakers, we come together to celebrate the spirit of enthusiasm, camaraderie, and limitless potential that defines our MBA family. Join us as we extend a warm welcome to our incoming students and embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and shared experiences.Fresher’s day was filled with energetic dance performances by each batch from both years. Few games were included to keep the energy alive, a band performance and a few songs from the faculty’s side also raised the charm of the program.

Onam Celebration

In the colorful tapestry of our MBA college community, the celebration of Onam stands as a vibrant symbol of unity, diversity, and cultural heritage. Each year, students from diverse backgrounds come together to commemorate this cherished festival, weaving a tapestry of traditions, festivities, and camaraderie that embodies the spirit of Onam. Join us as we delve into the joyous festivities and rich cultural experiences of our MBA students’ Onam celebrations.

Diwali celebration

In the luminous tapestry of our MBA college community, the festival of Diwali shines as a beacon of light, joy, and togetherness. Each year, students from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate this auspicious occasion, embracing the spirit of unity, prosperity, and renewal. Join us as we illuminate the festivities and cultural richness of our MBA students’ Diwali celebrations.

Holi Celebration

Christmas Celebration

In the heartwarming embrace of our MBA college community, the festive season of Christmas brings with it a spirit of joy, generosity, and togetherness. Each year, students from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate this cherished holiday, spreading cheer and goodwill throughout our campus. Join us as we unwrap the festivities and share in the warmth of our MBA students’ Christmas celebrations.

Sports Day


In the spirited realm of our MBA college community, Sports Day stands as a testament to the values of teamwork, perseverance, and healthy competition. Each year, students from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate athleticism, camaraderie, and the thrill of victory. Join us as we dive into the adrenaline-fueled excitement and boundless energy of our MBA students’ Sports Day celebration.


The Women’s Day celebration held on March 7, 2024, was a special and enlightening program for the students. The guest of honour for the program was Mrs. Bincy James, a women entrepreneur from Kumily.

Cultural Nights

Ethnic Day


Nature Club Program is a vibrant platform where students come together to explore and engage with the wonders of the natural world. Our Nature Club aims to instil a deep appreciation for nature and inspire action towards conservation. From hands-on experiences to insightful discussions, the program offers students the opportunity to connect with nature and cultivate a sense of responsibility towards environmental stewardship.

Collage Making: Students showcased their creativity through collage making on the theme ‘Global Boiling.’ With enthusiastic participation from our students, the event served as a platform to raise awareness about pressing environmental sustainability issues. Through their artwork, students not only expressed their concerns about climate change but also learned valuable lessons about the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. The event underscored our institute’s commitment to fostering environmental consciousness and empowering our students to become responsible global citizens.

Nature Park Cleaning at Marian Institute: The initiative aimed not only to maintain the cleanliness of the nature park but also to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation among the student community. By actively engaging in such initiatives, the institute reinforces its commitment to promoting sustainable practices and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment among its students. Join us in our journey to nurture a greener, healthier planet for generations to come

Sports Fest – It’s a 10-day-long event that involves a wide range of sports activities, including indoor, outdoor, singles, doubles, and team sports. All the batches are divided into 6 groups and are led by the team captains. This event helps the students to coordinate better and identify young talents among themselves.

Student Engagement: MISTA organizes various events and activities to promote student engagement and foster a sense of community on campus. These activities include talent shows, cultural events, and sports competitions.

The Entrepreneurship Club, overseen by Bibin Xavier and Professor Bose George, continues its vibrant activities every year.

Every year, the club kicks off its activities with the official inauguration. This year, before the inauguration, a business idea competition sets the stage for the event, engaging Marian College students from various departments. The competition, with an admission cost of Rs. 100, welcomes both individual and team entries, with a cap of five members per team.

During the first round held on September 26th, 31 registrations flooded in, showcasing diverse entrepreneurial talents. Three panels, each comprising two judges, rigorously evaluated the submissions based on criteria such as innovation, feasibility, market potential, and presentation skills. Following intense deliberations, seven teams emerged victorious, with two from each panel securing their spots in the final round.

On September 29th, the grand finale unfolded with much anticipation and excitement. The esteemed presence of Mr. Dalvy Mathew, Chief Guest and founder of Tinos Software and Security Solutions LLP, elevated the occasion. The event, graced by distinguished dignitaries including Dr. Ajimon George, Principal, and Rev. Fr. Joseph Ponganthanam, commenced at 2:00 pm and concluded at 5:30 pm.

The ceremony commenced with a soulful prayer song, followed by a series of speeches, including the president’s address and a word of blessing. The highlight of the event was the final phase of the business idea competition, where the seven finalists pitched their innovative concepts to a panel of esteemed judges.

After intense scrutiny and evaluation by judges Mr. Dalvy Mathew, Dr. Bjith George Abraham, and Dr. Joshija Jose, Astros emerged victorious, securing the first position, while Barbara’s Jaggery Jam claimed the second spot. Astros walked away with a prize of Rs. 10,000, while Barbara’s Jaggery Jam was awarded Rs. 5,000 in recognition of their entrepreneurial prowess.

The event concluded with a heartfelt Vote of Thanks, marking yet another successful year for the Entrepreneurship Club at Marian College.