Career Planning and Guidance

Through the group mentoring process,  students are helped to identify their  career goals. We consider their ambitions, skills, academics, status, achievements, experience and attitude to create a ‘Profile’ through a process called ‘Profiling’. The profiles are then matched with a wide spectrum of prospective opportunities.  From a friendly suggestion to a corporate makeover, we assist their holistic development to ensure that we have shaped job-compatible talents, corporate-friendly professionals & employable resources. Skills’ Training at MIIM motivate our students to shift gears from a learner in the campus to a leader in the corporate through orientation, assistance and coaching which is carried out by the Corporate Relations Department. It plays an important role in guiding the students to discover their potential on the basis of their technical & creative skills combined with academic and overall performance. We provide skill based training which helps them to perform in GD and interviews. People from corporate are invited to provide training and development in various fields like Marketing, HR, Systems and Finance.

The Placement Team consists of the Head of Corporate Relations, Faculty nominees and Student Representatives. Together, they handle all aspects of campus placements for the graduating students at MIIM. They visit various companies and invite them for HR talk, CEO Speak and Placement drive. The office is well equipped with excellent infra-structure to support every stage of the placement process. Amenities for Pre-Placement Talks, Interviews, and Group Discussions etc are made available at the office.